Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Cleaning Up All The Bugs in Your Home

We are at that time of year again. Yup that time of year where everywhere we look there is bugs. We go to get a glass of water there is a fly, we go to bed there is a moth or we go to have bath there is a spider. But just how are we going to clean up this problem?
Well too start off I cannot highly recommend enough getting a professional pest control agency in to set up preventive measures. i happen to know a company who provide fantastic pest control in Warrington and pest control in Wigan but you may not be able to afford/want this.

The other thing you do is a quick tip I picked up from a friend in Spain who used this homemade recipe on mosquitoes.

Get an empty spray bottle.

Fill it with 85 percent water and 15 percent orange oil.

Spray on locations that you think bugs go often and on bugs.
Not only does this kill bugs but prevents them going in certain locations and orange oil is most certainly not dangerous so your in the clear in that regard.

The only factor is do not get the orange oil in your eyes. That will sting like you wouldn't believe!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

5 Ways to Speed Up Cleaning

Nobody likes to clean, well almost nobody! The reality of it all is that cleaning is a part of our life whether it’s spending a day off work cleaning your whole house or a quick dust down or even the washing up. This can be time consuming but fear not! With my few simple trick and tips you can be sure that your future cleaning will be a breeze! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!

The Number One Rule!


This should be a rule built into every one! When you clean you should always start from the top down. This is for the simple fact as you clean you start to move dust and other nasty things so you want them to travel down to the floor with you so when you start the hovering you pick everything up! If you start from the bottom and then clean a shelf you will move dust off the shelf and back onto the floor... where you just cleaned so you would be doing double the amount of work and nobody wants to clean the same place twice in a day!



Make sure you are fully stocked on everything you need so you should never run out. Starting you cleaning and the going to polish the surfaces but find out you have none left under you sink is just unbearable to think of! (Okay so maybe I am exaggerating but i had to get my point across!) . The best thing to do is make sure you pick up all your cleaning supplies when you go to do your home shopping this way you will never run out!

Be organised


This is just as important as the number one rule (which you will find out shortly). Make sure you know where everything you’re going to need is. Keep it all in one cupboard and make sure once you have used it you have put it back. Being organised os one of the best things you can do when it comes to cleaning. Plus make sure you actually keep you cleaning cupboard clean otherwise you’re defeating the objective.



You could call this another number one rule if you like as it is a smart idea. When cleaning you should always try to aim to clean yourself out of the room (if that makes sense?). Work your way from the far side to the door while cleaning along your way. This saves you going back into a clean area and reduces the risk of making a mess after you have just cleaned.

Be Quick but Effective


This one might seem a little complicated but I assure you it is easy. As long as you have all your supplies you will fly through your cleaning. Don’t spend too long on one thing. Make sure you do it quickly but don’t rush it. The objective here is to clean quickly remember! Think about the hotel industry? If one staff member can clean loads and loads of rooms in a day then I’m pretty sure your home should be done a lot sooner!
With just a few simple steps your cleaning can be as easy as 123 and the stress of that whole days cleaning is no more. Simply stick to and follow my tips and tricks and never forget that number one rule! Happy cleaning!
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